Walking Up Wild

March 17, 2020

Walking Up Wild

It seems like you need a different kind of shoe for every activity these days. Runners for your daily workout, safety boots for work, and hiking shoes for those mountain treks. Since you never know what life might throw at you or what your plans may be, it would be nice to have a shoe that can be used for almost anything.

Steel-toed tradesmen boots offer protection but seem to always lack any kind of style. Iconic name brand athletic shoes are stylish but don’t stand up to nature’s elements nor rough working conditions very well. I have never really liked hiking boots as they simply make you look like a zookeeper or you’re about to go on safari.

Thankfully, I have finally found a shoe brand that combines protection, durability, and style.SYLPHID Steel Toe Shoes.href offer a wide range of really good looking shoes that can stand up to almost any job or outdoor activity. Affordable and built to last, they are multi-use shoes that are finally making safety stylish.


SYLPHID Steel Toe Shoes were designed to tackle a number of jobs and activities. The main quality I was after was a durable hiking shoe that I could also wear running or biking without looking odd. I have attempted to use steel-toed tradesman boots for hiking but found them to be quite heavy during long treks. I like the idea of having a steel toe as I frequently encounter venomous snakes and often hike alone.

When paired with quality snake gaiters, your chances of snake bite are pretty much zero when trekking. I should note that the company doesn’t advertise their shoes to be snakebite proof and they haven’t been tested for snakebites. This is simply my own observations and thoughts, but I truly feel at ease wearing the shoes in areas where snakes are common.

The stylish design means I can wear the same Jailbreak shoes for my morning run since they look like high-end athletic shoes. I also find that their flexibility makes them suitable for playing a variety of sports in the backyard or at the park. An assortment of colors and designs for both men and women mean you can easily find a pair that matches your personality.

When it comes to the workplace, many construction worksites now make it mandatory to wear safety boots with steel toecaps and in places like restaurants it is compulsory to wear anti-slip shoes. SYLPHID Steel Toe shoes will protect your feet from things like dropped tools, broken dishes, and liquid spills. Even if you don’t work in a commonly hazardous workplace, most injuries and accidents seem to occur unexpectedly so it is good to always have good foot protection.


First and foremost, shoes are meant to protect your feet. Having the proper footwear is vital to prevent injuries that could keep you off your feet. Not being able to use your feet means losing out on experiences, difficulty in completing ordinary daily tasks, and possibly loss of wages from not being able to work.

Traction is one of the key components of a shoe and Indestructible Shoes offer skid-proof and slip resistant rubber soles to always keep you upright. Their steel toes can prevent injuries from dropped tools like saws, hammers, and grinders, as well as wooden or metal beams. The anti-puncture steel midsoles will prevent things like nails and broken glass from piercing the bottom of your foot. They also have the added benefit of electric shock insulation.

Of course all the rugged protection a shoe offers is worthless if they aren’t comfortable or hinder the movement of your feet. Uncomfortable shoes or ones that limit your foot’s mobility can end up causing more injuries than the things you come in contact with. SYLPHID STeel Toe Shoes offer supportive insoles, great shock absorption, and all around proper flexibility to prevent low blood flow to the feet, aching feet, and injuries like twisted ankles.

Design and Style

While there may be a number of shoe companies offering similar levels of protective footwear, none come close to offering the stylish designs offered by SYLPHID Steel Toe Shoes. I was blown away by the sheer number of modern sleek designs to choose from. No longer are you forced to buy ugly brown boots that make you look like a lumberjack. Realizing that women need protective footwear as well, many of their styles are actually feminine-looking. My wife loves the fact she can pair her"Women Only Series"href with her active wear as well as a pair of jeans and still look great.


I was quite shocked at how comfortable the shoes were. They felt rugged and durable but weren’t rigid and heavy like most work or hiking boots. I was worried that since they are the only shoes offering steel toes and midsoles that they would have to feel heavier, but I was proven wrong. They are also surprisingly breathable and your feet don’t get as sweaty as similar protective boots.



The main takeaway is that although you can easily find really stylish athletic shoes and protective footwear that is approved for the workplace, you rarely if ever find a pair of shoes that combines both. Not only does this save you money from not having to purchase multiple pairs of shoes, it can also save space when it comes to packing for a trip. Not having to pack a separate pair of bulky hiking shoes frees up so much space and weight when baggage restrictions are strict.

You can quite literally go straight from work to the gym or vice versa without needing to change your shoes. So stylish are the many of the designs that you may have difficulty proving they are classified as protective footwear. Safety has always been smart but never all that sexy until now, thanks to Indestructible Shoes.